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The Pioneers



CASTLE,  JO ANN         American accordion pioneer         Piano accordion

World Is Waiting For the Sunrise         Jo Ann played this song in her first appearance on Lawrence Welk Show  in 1958.

Bungle Boogie         (audio)


JO ANN AND DICK AS DUET         American accordion pioneers         Piano accordion

Tea for Two


CONTINO,  DICK         American accordion pioneer         Piano accordion

Caravan         (audio)

Boogie 1995


DEIRO,   GUIDO         1886 – 1950         Italian accordion pioneer         In 1910 he introduced, named and popularized the piano accordion in America.  He was the first to play the instrument on stage, on the radio, in film and on sound recordings.         Piano accordion

The Overture from I Capuletie I Montecchi

Ciribiribin         (audio)


DEIRO, PIETRO     1888 – 1954         Italian accordion pioneer One of the most influential accordionists in the first half of the 20th century.         Piano accordion

Barbiere Di Siviglia        Classical (audio)


FLOREN,   MYRON         1919 – 2005         American accordion pioneer         “The accordionist of The Lawrence Welk Show”     Piano accordion

Tico Tico         Samba         (Tico Tico no Fuba)

Boogie Woogie


FROSINI, PIETRO     1885 to 1951         Italian accordion pioneer One of the first stars of the accordion.         Piano accordion

Rhapsody No. 3 in A Minor         Classical (audio)


KAZAKOV, YURI (Юрий Казаков)    1927 – 1982         Russian accordion pioneer in the field of classical accordion. From 1939 to 1999 he performed 7,600 concerts. It was he who developed the Russian accordion called the ‘bayan’.         Button accordion, bayan

Flight Of the Bumble Bee         Classical

Tokatta and Fugue in D minor         Classical


KONONEN,  ESKO     1930 – 1983         Finnish         Button accordion

Waltz, Carnevale di Venezia, and Samba         (audio)

Valse Arabesque, The Train, and Dizzy Finguers         (audio)


LAUREL,  STAN         1890 – 1965         American         Concertina

Song *         Funny


LOVELLO,  TONY          American          Piano accordion

Willian Tell Overture

Spanish Eyes


MAGNANTE,  CHARLES         1905 – 1986         American accordion pioneer         Piano accordion

Tantalizin         (audio)

Waltz a la accordian


MEIJER, JOHNNY         1912 – 1992          Dutch accordion pioneer         Button accordion

Tea for Two         Jazz

Sweet Georgia Brown         Jazz

After You’ve Gone         Jazz         (audio)

Hora Staccato         (audio)


MURENA,  TONY         1915-1971         Italian         Was an immensely popular Italian accordion player in Paris during the 1930s and played a major role in the development of the French Musette.         Button accordion

Indifference         French Musette         (audio)

Melancolie         French Musette         (audio)


PIAZZOLLA,  ASTOR         1921 – 1992         Argentinean         Bandoneon

Tristeza y separación         (audio)


PIHLAJAMAA,  LASSEE         1916 – 2007         Finnish         Button accordion

Säkkijärven Polkka

Love Smiles


PRUD’HOMME,  EMILE         (1913-1974)         French accordion pioneer         Button accordion

Homme         Polka         (audio and images)


SHAROV,  OLEG     (Олег Шаров)         Russian         Button accordion, bayan

The Flight Of the Bumble Bee         Classical

Strauss and Boellman *        Classical


VACHER,  EMILE         1883 –  1969          French accordion pioneer         Creator of the genre Musette         Button accordion

Reine De Musette         (audio)


VERCHUREN,  ANDRE         French accordion pioneer         Button accordion

Perle de Cristal         (audio)

Medley made in 1955

Valse D’Amour         French Musette         Live video made in 2001


VISEUR,  GUS         1915 – 1974         Belgian accordion pioneer, raised in Paris         Button accordion

Sur Swing Valse         French Musette

5 Juin *         French Musette         (audio)

Nauges         French Musette         (audio)

Jeannette         French Musette        (audio)

Menilmontant         French Musette        (audio)

Genevieve         Jazz         (audio)

Sur Swing Valse         French Musette         (audio)

Montagne         Jazz         (audio)


WELK,  LAURENCE         1903 – 1992         American         Piano accordion

Sleepy Time Gal


Jo Ann Castle, Dick Contino, Guido Deiro, Pietro Deiro, Ernie Felice, Tony Lovello, Yuri Kazakov, Laurel Stan, Myron Floren, Pietro Frosini, Charles Magnante, Johnny Meijer, Astor Piazolla, Lassee Pihlajamaa, Emile PrudHomme, Tony Murena, Oleg Sharov, Gus Viseur, Laurence Welk and Emile Vacher.



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