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Recording the Accordion

Accordions are not easy to record.

These are some examples of wonderful accordion sound.



ANTONIOUS         German         Piano Accordion

Na Francuskiej

La Petite Valse


BERTHOUMIEUX,  MARC         French         Button accordion

Don’t Know Why


DIETRICH,  KEVIN         German         Button accordion

Shake the Rythmn         (audio)

Allemande, French Suite no. 2         (audio)


KWAPIS,  TONNY         American         Piano accordion

I’m in the Mood for Love


KRILIC,  EDDO         Bosnian-Herzegovinian         Piano accordion

Spring Walk


PAIER,  KLAUS         Austrian         Piano accordion



STEGER,  UWE         German         Digital button accordion

Zwei in Einer Groben Stradt *


TRAVERS,  CATHIE         Australian         Piano accordion

Sea-Dee *



Ochi Chorni


Antonious, Marc Berthoumieux, Hugo Lemos, Marcelo and Voninho, Uwe Steger and Cathie Travers.


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