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This page contains only jazz videos played in acoustic accordions.

Some of the accordionists in this page are also in other pages.


ABBRACCIANTE,  VINCENZO         Italian         Piano accordion

Autumn Leaves         Jazz


ANDRUKHIV, ROMAN         Ukraine         Button accordion

Waltz for Nicky

The Chicken

Isn’t she Lovely


BEIER,  LUDOVIC         French          Digital button accordion

Nuages         Jazz


BENETELLO,  ROMANO         Italian         Piano accordion

10 Km Al Finestrino         Jazz


EMBLOW,  JACK         English         Piano accordion

Tangerine         Jazz


GALLIANO,  RICHARD         French          Button accordion

Daphne         Jazz         (from 0:23 minutes to 1:56 of the video)

MAROCCO,  FRANK         1931 – 2012          American         Piano accordion

Love Dance          Jazz         (Audio)

My One and Only Love         Video made in 1984

Cherokee         Jazz

Isn’t she Lovely         Jazz


MASEFIELD,  GRAYSON         New Zealand         Piano accordion

Bluesette         Jazz


MEIJER, JOHNNY         1912 – 1992          Dutch accordion pioneer         Button accordion

Tea for Two         Jazz

Sweet Georgia Brown         Jazz

After You’ve Gone         Jazz         (audio)


OROSZ,  ZOLTAN         Hungarian         Piano accordion

Fou Rire         Musette jazz

Carioca         Samba jazz

C’est Magnifique

La Foule          Waltz


OSOKIN,  SERGEY         Russian         Piano accordion

Russian in Finland         Accompanied

Russian in Finland         Solo accordion


PAATS,  DOMINIQUE         Dutch         Button accordion

Tea for Two         Jazz


PANOVIC,  VLADA         Serbian         Piano accordion

It don’t mean a thing         Jazz


RUGGIERI,  RENZO         Italian         Piano accordion

Carnevale         Jazz


SCHIRUNOV,  ALEXANDER     (Александр Shirunov)         Russian         Piano accordion

Vrije Gelluiden         Jazz


VAN DAMME, ART         1920 – 2010         American Born in Michigan, started playing at age nine and continued to perform almost to the end of his life at age 89.         Piano accordion

All the Things You Are         Jazz        (audio)

Sweet Georgia *         Jazz         (audio)

After you’ve Gone         Jazz         (audio)


VISEUR,  GUS         1915 – 1974         Belgian accordion pioneer, raised in Paris         Button accordion

Genevieve         Jazz         (audio)


Vincenzo Abbracciante, Romano Benetello, Jack Emblow, Richard Galiano, Frank Morocco, Grayson Masefield, Johnny Meijer, Dominique Paats, Vlada Panovic, Alexander Schirunov, Art Van Damme and Gus Viseur.

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