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Group 2


BLANTER,  M    М.Блантер       Russian         Button accordion, bayan

In the Woods Near the Woods         Waltz


ERIKSSON,  PIERRE         Swede         Button accordion

Petro’s Return March


FRADE,  JOAO         Portuguese         Button accordion

Maria Alfonso


GARIC         Russian         Piano accordion



GONG,  ANNIE         New Zealander         Piano accordion

Bumble Bee


JEROME,  ROBERT         French         Button accordion

Medley of French musettes




KRILIC,  EDDO         Bosnian-Herzegovinian         Piano accordion


Minor Polka


LETXET,  JAVIER        Spanish        Piano Accordion

Imitacion de Tren, La Cucaracha, In the Mood, etc         Medley


LEVICKIS,  MARTYNAS          Lithuanian         Piano accordion

Vivaldi – Winter from “The Four Seasons”


MASEFIELD,  GRAYSON         New Zealand         Piano accordion

La Tempete

Bluesette         Jazz


NOVATO,  DENNIS         Italian         Button accordion


Carnival of Venice


OSOKIN,  SERGEY         Russian         Piano accordion

Viennese Nights

Russian in Finland

Playing for Gerome Thomas and his balls


PAATS,  DOMINIQUE         Dutch         Button accordion

Reine de Musette         French Musette

Tea for Two         Jazz

Un Gamin de Paris         Dominique playing at age 10         French Musette

All of me        Swing


PANOVIC,  VLADA         Serbian         Piano accordion

The Shadow of Your Smile

I Wish You Love

Vardarsko Oro

Razigrana Sumadija


TRAVERS,  CATHIE         Australian         Piano accordion


Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


Teashirt for Two

Cathie’s new baby

More Cathie’s Family

I saw three ships         With 3 small accordions


UGARTE,  ENRIQUE         Spaniard         Piano accordion

Ambiance Musettiene *         French Musette         (audio)

Twenty Tangos *         (audio)


ZYABKO,  PAVEL         Russian         Button Accordion

Moskovskij Izvozčik


Ludovic Beier,  Joao Frade, Garic, Eddo Krilic, Martynas Levckis, Grayson Masefield, Norimichi Nagasaka, Joseph Natoli, Richard Noel, Vadim Samarsky, Sergey Osokin, Cathie Travers and Enrique Ugarte.


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