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Duets and Accordion Groups


BAIDI ACCORDION ORCHESTRA OF BEIJING         Chinese         Piano accordions

Beer Barrel Polka


DIE TWINNIES         Paster and Pauli,   German Twins         Button accordions

Bayernmadels         Polka


DUET IVANOV AND TIMOFEEV         Russians         Piano accordions

Paris Stage


DUO APPERE         French         Button accordions

Medley        (audio)


IGOR AND IVAN ZAVADSKY         Ukrainians         Button accordions

Säkkijärven Polkka


ISRAEL PENTA ACCORDIONS         Israelis         Piano accordions

Indifference         French musette


JO AND HUIB DUET         Dutchs         Piano accordions

Let’s Dance the Polka         Polka


JOXAN AND IDOIA         Spaniards         Button accordions

Zelaiaren Ildotik

Basso Ostinato

Suge Gorri


KJELL AND EMA DUET         Norwegians          Button accordions

Fantome         Polka


LARS AND OIVIND DUET         Norwegians         Button accordions



LIPESTK  TRIO         Russians          Bayan accordions



M. BLANTER QUARTET         Russians        Bayan button accordions

In the Forest Near the Front         Russian waltz


MONTANARO CAVEZ DUO         Belgian         Violin and button accordion



MOTION  TRIO         Polish         Piano accordions

You Dance

Little Story


NORTH KOREA ACCORDION ENSEMBLE         North Koreans         Piano accordions

Sonpunggeum Arms and Sing of Love


PEER GYNT QUARTET         Russians         Button accordions, bayans

Dance Anytry


PERPETAL MOTION QUARTET         Russians         Button accordions

Wonderful interpretation


QUINTETO  VENETO         Italians         Digital piano accordions

L’Italiana in Algeri         Sinfonia


QUARTET  BASHTANCI         Hungarians         Button accordions

Medley         (Nice Tico Tico from 6:23)


REVAPO         Australians        Digital piano accordions

Johan Christian Bash Sinfonia        Classical


RIZOL QUARTET         Ukrainians         Button Accordions         Founded in 1939, the Quartet of Button Accordion Players began their affiliation with the National Philharmonic of Ukraine in 1946.     Today the Rizol-Quartet represents new generation of musicians.  Artists of quartet now are Sergiy Grinchenko , Oleg Shiyan, Igor Sayenko and Roman Molochenko.

Radetsky March         March

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik         Classical

Sabre Dance         Traditional


RUSLAN AND ALEXANDER         Russians         Button accordion, bayans


Russian melodies


RUSSIAN VOICE ENSEMBLE         Russians         Button accordions, bayans

Granada and other wonderful interpretations


SULTANSHIN AND LEBEDEV DUET         Russians        Button accordions, bayans

Russian song


THERESA ET RODRIGO         Portuguese         Button accordions

Dansas Lusitaniennes         Music from Portugal


TIMBRE RUSSIAN ACCORDION GROUP         Russians         Button accordions, bayan

The Dance with Sabres         Traditional

Blossoming May

Today in the Evening


TOEAC DUET         Danish         Button accordions

Rigaudon         Classical


Die Twinnies, Duo Appere, Igor and Ivan Zavadsky, Alexander Ivanof,  Hope Timofeev,  Israel Penta Accordions, Jo and Huib Duet, Joxan and Idoia, Kjell and Ema Duet, Trio Motion, North Korea Accordion Ensemble, Peer Gynt Quartet, Quinteto Veneto, Quartet Bashtanci, Revapo, Rizol quartet, Sultanshin and Lebedev Duet, Toeac Duet, Theresa et Rodrigo and Timbre Russian Accordion Group.

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