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Digital Accordion


This page contains some but not all accordionists using digital accordions



BEIER, LUDOVIC         French         Digital button accordion

Improvisations *          Jazz

French Waltz          French Musette

Wonderful Little Parts *


DI MODUGNO, PINO         Italian         Digital piano accordion


Frenesia, Se Parigi Avesse, A Paris, Sotto il Cielo di Parigi         Musette Medley


FEHSE,  FRANK         German         Digital piano accordion

The Sabre Dance

Can Can


KANATO,  KATO         Japanesse         Digital button accordion




LETTIERI,  JOHN         Canadian         Digital button accordion

Saint Loiuis Blues and In the Mood


MARCOSIGNORI,  GERVASIO         Italian          Digital piano accordion

Rhapsody in Blue


MATZKE,  MATTHIAS         German         Digital button accordion

Night of the Keys *         Classical/Jazz

Medley  *         Medley         3 videos in one

Sonate D-Dur *         Classical


MEISINGER,  LEE TERRY         American        Digital piano accordion

La Cumparsita         Tango



NAGASAKA, NORIMICHI         Japanese         Digital piano accordion

Akamaihd *


NATOLI, JOSEPH          American         Digital piano accordion

Flight Of the Angels          French Musette

Embraceable *

Donkey Serenade

It Never Entered my Mind *

Concerto in E          Natoli playing at age 10


NOEL, RICHARD          American         Digital piano accordion

Thus Spake Zarathustra and Blue Danube Waltz

Sleight Ride         Christmas song


Radetzky March


NOTON, JEAN-LOUIS         French         Digital button accordion

Medley Oddessy


SAMARSKY, VADIM         German         Digital button accordion

Indifference         French Musette


Melodejniy Walzer         Waltz


STEGER,  UWE         German         Digital button accordion

Springtime On a Cold Mountain Night *         Classical

Sonate Adur and Bonnes Vacances *         Classical and Pop music

It Don’t Mean A Thing *         Jazz

Le CouCou        Classical

Catch Me If You Can

Meine Kleine Lou         The Dog

Lemon Tree        One Finger Performance (with a little help of his friends)

Zwei in Einer Groben Stradt

Wann ist Musik Musik         Plays the accordion and sings

Demo with regular button accordion


YAKHIN,  RUDIK         German         Digital button accordion

Fire Dance *         Irish tune

Theme from Titanic *

Sonata in D-Dur         Classical

Four Rire         French Musette


Ludovic Beier, Gervasio Marcosignori, Matthias Matzke,  Lee Terry Meisinger, Norimichi Nagasaka, Joseph Natoli, Richard Noel, Jean-Louis Noton, Vadim Samarsky, Uwe Steger and Rudik Yakhin.

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