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Classical 1



This page contains only classical videos,

however other pages, such as Group 1, Young Accordionists and Street Players,

contain classical interpretations as well.


ARIONDO,  NICK         American         Piano accordion

Delicado         Classical

Flight Of the Bumble Bee *         Classical

Sakkijarven Polka *         Polka

Turkish March

Valse Brillante

Perpetual Motion         Classical         Free-bass accordion

Polonaise in A


BARBERENA,  ANTONIO         Mexican          Button accordion

Mozart’s A Little Serenade         Classical

Batch Inventions          Classical


BELOV,  VLADISLAV         Russian         Piano accordion

Cavatina of Figaro *


BOUCLIER,  DIMITRE         French         Button accordion

Sonate en Re K435         Classical


COVIELLO,  PASQUALE         Italian         Piano accordion

Carnevale Di Venezia        Classical

Flight Of the Bumblebee with Czardas and Other Songs         Classical


DERPATERBROWN         German         Button Accordion

Scarlatti: Sonata D-Dur, K 435         Classical

Rondo a Capriccio         Classical


EL GRECO         Italian         Piano accordion

Semiramide         Classical


FARMEN,  OIVIND         Norwegian        Button accordion

Sonata in A major (K. 24)         Classical


HRAMKOV,  DMITRI     (Дмитрий Храмков )         Russian         Button accordion, bayan

D Scarlatti Sonata in C major         Classical


HRUSTEVICH,  ALEXANDER     (Александр Хрустевич)         Ukrainian         Button accordion

Disco Toccata *         Classical

Viennese Nights         Classical Waltz

Summer,  from the Four Seasons *         Classical

Tarantelle         Classical

Performing in Druskininkai, Lithuania         Medley

Performing in Kiev, Ukraine         Classical

Also performing in Kiev, Ukraine         Classical

Omaggio ad A. Piazzolla

La Campanella            Classical


KUJALA,  VELI         Finnish         Button accordion

Variations for Pananini


MYRONCHUCK,  BORYS     (Борис Мирончук )         Ukranian         Button accordion, bayan

Kapitan *         Classical


SEROTYUK,  IRYNA     (Ирина Серотюк)         Ukranian         Button Accordion, bayan

Sonata in Classic Style, Part III         Classical


SHELYGANOV,  ANDREY         Russian         Button accordion, bayan



SHMELKOV,  SIMOM         Russian         Button accordion, bayan

Something different, very interesting and beautiful *


Nick Ariondo, Antonio Barberena, Dimitre Bouclier, Veli Kajula, Pasquale Coviello, Derpaterbrown, El Greco, Oivind Farmen, Dmitri Hramkov, Alexander Hrustevic, Roman Jbanov, Gianni Mariani, Borys Myronchuck, Iryna Serotyuk and Andrey Shelyganov.


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