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The Caucasus is a region between the Black and Caspian seas that includes southwest Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia, and that forms part of the traditional boundary between Europe and Asia.

The Garmon is an accordion with smaller keys used in Azerbaijani music. It’s smaller than the traditional European accordion. Its timbre is more suitable to the modal music of Azerbaijan. Created in the 19th century in Germany and adapted for the music of Azerbaijan, it is a much-loved instrument for the folk and traditional music of the Caucasus.


MIRZEYEV,  ORXAN         Azerbaijani         Button accordion, Garmon

Super Mario Theme



SADIQOV,  ABUTALIB         Azerbaijani         Button accordion, Garmon

Azarbaijan music

Azerbaijan music


SHUKURLU,  GULBAHAR         Azerbaijani         Button accordion, Garmon

Azeri Music

Shen Reqs


TRIO            Button accordion, Garmon

Daisi         Georgian dance


The best Caucasus accordion players – Orxan Mirzeyev and Abutalib Sadiqov.



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