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Accompanied 1


This group of great accordionists create beautiful music accompanied by other instruments.



ANDREOTTI,  MASSIMO         Italian         Piano accordion

Hungarian Dance #5


Voci in Piazza


BALOGH,  JOZSEF         Hungarian         Piano accordion

Tico Tico *         Samba         (audio)

Balajo         French Musette         (audio)

Perle         French Musette         (audio)


BEHNKE,  CHRISTA         German         Button accordion

Shlage Parade         Polka

Volle Pulle         Polka

Libellentanz         Polka


DRANGA,  PYOTR          Ukrainian         Piano accordion

Kopobenhnkn         Tango

Kohuept *        Tango


KINNUNEN,  TUOMAS         Finnish         Button accordion

Bianco e Nero


LARCANGE,  MAURICE         French         Button accordion

Le Denicheur *         French Musette

Polka *

Star Du Mussete         French Musette


O’CONNOR,  LIAM         Irish         Button accordion, two-row

The Cooling *         A fascinating sweet accordion interpretation with perfect sound combination.


PESATURO,  TONY         American         Piano accordion

Medley *


SKLAR,  NIKOLA         Russian         Piano accordion

Czardas         Traditional  music

Moldavian Dance *

Walts 1         Medley


Hungarian Dance


ZAVADSKY,  IGOR          Ukrainian         Button accordion

Indifference *         Musette

Libertango        Composed by Argentinian Astor Piazzolla


Massimo Andreotti, Jozsef Balogh, Christa Behnke, Pyotr Dranga, Maurice Larcange, Liam O’Connor, Palylza, Tony Pesaatruo and Igor Zavadsky.





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