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My Collection of the Best Accordion Videos


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The asterisks ( * ) indicate my very favorite videos

Enjoy the music!


ABBRACCIANTE,  VINCENZO         Italian         Piano accordion       

Carnaval de Venice

Migliavacca *         Waltz

Czardas von Monti


Autumn Leaves         Jazz


AKHANOV,  EDUARD     (Эдуард Аханов)         Russian         Button accordion, bajan

Russian in Finland *         Swing

10 Km Finestrino

Tikhonov *         Polka/Swing

Myuzet in C



BERTHOUMIEUX,  MARC         French         Button accordion

Don’t Know Why *


GALLIANO,  RICHARD         French          Button accordion

Libertango *         From the Piazzolla Forever’s concert

La Valse a Margaux         French Musette

Flambee Montalbanaise  *         French Musette         (audio and images)

Four Rire *         French Musette

Concerto de Tchaikowsky 3rd Mouvement         Classical           Video made in 1972

Daphne         Jazz

A French Touch         French Musette


MEDIANIK,  YURI     ( Юрий Медяник )         Ukrainian        Button accordion (and violin)

Scarlatti. Sonata F-dur *         Classical

La Campanella *         (audio and images)

Spinning Song (Mendelssohn)          Classical

The Coockoo  *          Classical         (audio and images)

The Coockoo and Pereklikanie Birds *         When Yuri was 14 years old

Monti.Chardash Czardas Monti  *         Yuri plays the violin

The Stranger *         With The Deus Quartet

Pedro y Pedro (Astor Piazzolla)

Libertango (Astor Piazzolla)         With the Russian Orchestra of Ministry of Defense

S’il Vous Plaît (Astor Piazzolla)         With the Russian Philharmonic Orchestra

Melancolico Buenos Aires (Astor Piazzolla)

Campo Afuera         Milonga         With the Emotion Orchestra

Interview         Yuri plays different instruments


PELLIGRINI,  GELSO         American         Piano Accordion

Willian Tell *


RASTELLI,  EMANUELE        San Marinese          (San Marino is a small country on the Italian Peninsula)         Piano accordion

Il Carnevale Di Venezia *         Classical


SHIRUNOV,  ALEXANDER     (Александр Shirunov)         Russian         Piano accordion

Omagagio Ad Astor Piazzolla


Vrije Gelluiden         Jazz

Tvitte of the Birds


SHISHKIN,   YURI         Russian         Bayan button accordion

Rhapsody in Blue *


SKLIAROV,  ALEXANDER     (Александр Скляров )         Russian         Bayan button accordion

Sweeting Vals *         French Musette

Sonata in A major *         Classical

Dance *

Two Dances



VENGLEVSKI,  STAS         Russian         Bayan, button accordion

Musette Caprice         Musette

Two sonatas         Scarlatti C minor K. 352 and C major K. 104         Classic

Flight of the Bumblebee and Russian Dance


Vicenzo Abbracciante, Eduard Akhanov, Marc Berthoumieux, Richard Galliano, Matthias Matzke, Yuri Medianik, Gelso Pelligrini, Emanuele Rastelli, Alexander Schirunov, Alexander Skaliarov, Uwe Steger, Stas Venglevski, and Rudik Yakhin.


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